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The Grammar You Need

Level 1: Building Sentences

Level 2: Developing Details

Level 3: Writing with Clarity and Accuracy (2016)

TGYN, Level 1 and Level 2 – Student Workbooks
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Level 1 Cover and Sample


Putting the Materials Together
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Level 2 Cover and Sample

Developing Details

Developing Details Sample
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The Grammar You Need is a series of full-color visual guides to essential academic English grammar. The series is corpus-based, so it focuses on the grammar students truly need, not all the grammar they will never use! The three levels move systematically from the fundamentals of sentence building to topics such as…

  • Coordination and subordination
  • Verb tenses
  • Passive voice
  • Grammar for adding details to nouns
  • Formal vs. informal grammar
  • Reduced clauses
  • Grammar for summarizing, hypothesizing, and developing descriptions and explanations
  • Editing All three levels feature a free downloadable student workbook.