ACEs – Awesome Content-Based Exercises  
  Exemplification Exercise  
  “How to Write the Perfect Email to a College Professor” »  
  Selecting Verb Tenses and Building Sentences  
  The Great Train Robbery: The First American Silent “Movie”  
  In the Classroom  
  6 Quick Tips for Teachers who Work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students  
  by Robert Gillies, Jimmy Gore, and Seth Gore  
  Many students who are deaf and hard of hearing are attending classes in schools and colleges where the typical communication between teachers and students is through... Read more  
  5 Quick Tips for Motivating Your Students  
  by Michael Berman  
  Whether we like it or not, we teachers are in the business of motivating our students. In fact, the motivation level of our students is often what most determines their success in... Read more
  On Leadership  
  Lessons Learned: Pressured Decision Making  
  by Mary Owens, Ph.D.  
  My twenty years’ service in leadership roles was a continual self-reflective learning experience, something I value greatly in my work and daily life.... Read more
  On Pedagogy  
  Ways to Apply Active Learning in the College ESL Classroom  
  by Mark J. Alves, Ph.D.  
  THE OLD, THE NEW, AND EXPERIMENTS IN TEACHING…It is uncontroversial to say that active learning has long been an integral part of TESOL/TEFL training and overall pedagogy. The term “Active Learning” is embedded in ESL/EFL teacher training and a regular part of their classrooms, though that specific term is not... Read more  
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