The American English Pronunciation Card


The American English Pronunciation Card…

  • Features a quick and easy approach to pronunciation, with clear full-color visuals and a complete audio program
  • Covers vowel and consonant sounds, grammatical endings, word stress, and sentence stress
  • Is corpus-based, so all example words are high-frequency vocabulary
  • Includes a free Instructor’s Guide.


The American English Pronunciation Card provides a compact, inexpensive overview of American English pronunciation. The Pronunciation Card lets students and teachers work on discrete pronunciation issues quickly and easily, without having to fumble through extensive (and expensive) packages of materials. The Card includes treatments of the vowels, the consonants, word-level stress, and sentence level stress. The Card also helps students with troublesome contrasts and grammatical issues such as –s and –ed endings. In addition, the Card features…

  • A corpus-based approach. The Pronunciation Card is the only corpus-based pronunciation resource on the market. Every example in the Card is a high frequency word taken from respected corpora (general and academic). This means that the content of the Card is more meaningful and effective for students, and that it doubles as a vocabulary building tool. The instructional language is user friendly without unnecessary linguistic jargon.
  • A beautiful full-color format.
  • Durable construction. The Card is printed on heavy stock paper and covered with a thick laminate.
  • A full-length audio CD. The CD provides the all essential modeling for recognition and repetition.
  • Instructor’s Notes. We have pages of tips and activities waiting for you. Visit our website to download the Instructor’s Notes and other free resources.

Level: High beginner – Advanced For classroom use.

New Option: Audio MP3 files for the Pronunciation Card are available for download!  Click here.


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