The Word Combination Card


The Word Combination Card…

  • Improves students’ written fluency, precision, and clarity.
  • Helps students build high-frequency academic vocabulary.
  • Converts to a centerpiece writing text with the free Student Workbook. Instructor’s Notes also available.


The Word Combination Card helps students develop fluency,
precision, and clarity in their academic writing. It is a
clear, full-color guide to core academic sentence patterns
and collocations, and features a FREE downloadable 120-
page Student Workbook. Key features of the Card include:

  • A breakdown of important language patterns: The card covers essential sentence patterns to help students compose topic sentences/thesis statements and express cause-effect, comparison- contrast, exemplification, and other key relationships. The Word Combination Card also includes sections on sentence starters, reporting information, and expressing quantity.
  • An easy-to-follow presentation of high-frequency collocations: Bolded, color-coded collocation patterns and clear examples help students understand and use core academic collocations.
  • A special section on common academic topics: The card provides essential word combinations in content areas such as business and finance, health, education, science and technology, and more. The card helps students learn to use high-frequency academic vocabulary in these and other areas.
  • An explanation of preposition use in academic contexts, featuring an illustrated breakdown of prepositions of place and time, as well as subsections dealing with introducing topics and citing sources.
  • Durable construction: The Word Combination Card is printed on heavy card stock and covered with a thick laminate. The card is 4¼” x 10½” folded and 25” x 10½” stretched out.
  • Value and versatility: The Card converts to a centerpiece writing text with the free downloadable Student Workbook from

Level: Intermediate – Advanced
For classroom and independent study use.


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